The company MERBES-SPRIMONT, founded in 1779, is the oldest marble company in Europe and the exclusive producer of marble Noir Fin, Rouge Royal & Griotte and Gris des Ardennes (Doré and Saint Edouard). The company has an extensive reference list directly linked to the architectural history in Europe and throughout the World.

In Belgium, under the name of Carrières de Marbre Noir de Golzinne (Noir de Mazy), we extract in our underground quarry the Belgian Black, marble of international fame.

The Carrière de Hautmont produces the marbles ROUGE ROYAL & GRIOTTE, as well as the GRIS des ARDENNES.

Our factory in La Buissière (B-6567), specialized in sawing, polishing as well as manufacturing natural materials, assures a high quality production. The company of MERBES-SPRIMONT is part of the group Marbrek.